Baked Pie Company

Baked Pie Company is a adorbs pie shop in South Asheville (Arden), near the intersection of Long Shoals and Hendersonville Rd. 

It’s in the same shopping plaza as QPS (quality pack & ship), so if you have the urge to be passive aggressive and mail your ex boyfriends mom a bag of gummy candy dicks; you can do that after you eat some pie; and kill two birds with one stone. I couldn’t get a picture of the outside of Baked Pie Co. because it was raining, and I melt in the rain. They do, however, have cute little tables out front - so you can sit outside - fyi. 

The inside it kitschy; but not in that creepy sort of “I’m going to kill you and bury you in my basement” sort of way. Think ‘Shabby Chic’ turned 2018. 

They’ve got super cute little seating areas with an old fashioned tv thing, cute mini chandeliers, tables large and small, and a bar area to sit at if you’re flying solo (or you can just be a complete douche bagel like me and take up a whole table to yourself). 

It just so happened to be “Thanksgiving Tuesday” when I went, and turns out (omfg), it’s “Thanksgiving” all July at Baked Pie. 

There were no turkeys running wildly around, so I’m not sure what constitutes “Thanksgiving Tuesday” but I suspect it’s the pumpkin pie they were featuring- so I ordered a piece. I decided to be extra and order a piece with chocolate chips (they have a plain version as well). My chocolate chip pumpkin pie slice was huge; and filled to the brim with chocolate chips, the filling had a creamy consistency; and the pie crust itself was ample and flaky (nomz). 

There is a wide variety of pies to choose from including vegan choices, and whole pies for sale as well. 

Be sure to check out their Facebook page where their post their daily flavors by 10am. 

On that note - Baked Pie Co. didn’t have any meat pie, magpie, or mince meat pie *sigh*, but I survived. 

Tip; they have another location in North Asheville. If you just so happen to be a pie fiend up North, stop by and grab a slice!

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