West End Bakery

West End Bakery is a bakery and cafe right off Haywood road in the heart of West Asheville.

Parking was a snap, I suggest parking in the lot next door, it’s only $2.00 per hour and there seems to be a pretty quick turnover in the spots. Bring cash (singles - or all those extra quarters that have been hanging out on your dresser for the past six years)- the credit card machine appeared to be temporarily out of commission. 

The inside of West End Bakery is colorful and yellow, and each table had fresh mini sunflowers. 

It smells super yum inside West End Bakery; like fresh baking bread. They had nomz looking loaves of bread for sale, a large selection of salads, breakfast anytime and large sandwich selection with lots of vegan options on the menu. 

1/2 sandwiches are available.

I’d been staking them and their pastries on IG for a while (and had gone with the intent to try one of them) but decided instead to go with a “Sesame Baked Tofu” sandwich on french bread and an orange San Pelligrono. My sandwich had a slight BBQ sesame taste, the bread was to die for; and it felt very healthy (since I’d been on a pastry binge for the past two months, that was nice)- the sprouts and the lettuce were super fresh and the tofu was grilled to perfection. 

My sandwich came with a pickle (nom nom nom), and a carrot which tasted picked... (fancy!) 

On my next trip to West End Bakery I plan to try the “sweet potato burger”, if they still have it (it was a special on the day I visited). 

The have a fun patio; which seems like a nice spot to people watch. It’s dog friendly- so bring the puppers. 

All jokes aside; I was a little offended by the glorification of topless men in the ladies bathroom stall. 

Tip; Leave extra time to check out the neat mural on the side of the building on you way out. 

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