Summit Coffee Co.

Summit Coffee Co. is a fun/classy little coffee shop off Foundy street near the river arts district in Asheville. Drive slow, they’ve got super cool graffiti art to check out on the way in. 

When I got there I realized it wasn’t actually on a summit, but decided not to be a summit snob and to go anyway. 

Parking is superb; they’ve got their own lot and spots are abundant. 

They’ve got a small menu, but it more than suffices. 

Oh, and (according to their IG) the milk apparently comes from Mills River creamery (#shoplocal) And, for all my sweetest vegan friends, they’ve got almond (and oat!) milk. I ordered a cortado; which is a small hot drink; the nice barista man said it was his “go to”; I can tell why. It was super yummy, and not too sweet. 

My banana bread was moist and tasted like fresh bananas, plus the slice was gigantic. 

The meal itself was delicious and only cost five fifty (plus a tip- don’t be an ass tart; always tip your barista). The food felt European, where the ambiance felt very “cool trendy Asheville”, a nice combo. 

They’ve got an all gender bathroom (yay!) with the stick people on the signs wearing these silly dress-pant ensembles:

(Why not just give them a gender neutral skort or a nice jean jacket? But hey; I’m no fashionista.) 

I really liked the music, and it wasn’t too loud, but just loud enough that I could sing along under my breath without anyone noticing and giving me the evil eye. 

They have a patio; which I would imagine would be super chill at night (they’re open till 8pm Mon -Sat & 5 on Sundays). 

They had an upstairs too, but my fat ass was too lazy to check it out. 

(Not to mention I’m afraid of heights. And spiders, I’m afraid of spiders too.) 

Don’t forget to check out their large selection of YUM to go coffee that comes in some very tasty flavors and has hints of fancy things like cherry, dark chocolate, chestnut, blueberries, and so on. 

Tip; make an afternoon out of it and head over to 12 bones bbq and wedge brewing after.

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