City Bakery

I was on the hunt for a sticky bun, so I decided to stop at City Bakery. City Bakery is a bakery and cafe with two locations in Asheville. I went to the one off Biltmore Ave; which is downtown. 

Even though the bakery is right in the heart of downtown Asheville; they do have a shared parking lot with a few spaces. (It’s kind of tight; however- so if you drive a big truck, SUV, motorhome, big rig or penny farthing; I suggest you pay a few bucks and opt to park in the parking garage across the street at Aloft hotel.) 

The Guy working behind the counter that took my order was super nice and patient, even though I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat and kept stalling by saying “ummm, I, ummm.” 

Their pastry case had more than a million different types of pastries to choose from. On top of a large selection of goodies, they have a wide selection of soups and sandwiches, and fresh baked bread to go too. 

I was eavesdropping (as usual) and heard some guy order a chicken cranberry sandwich that sounded pretty yum, possibly on a croissant?! 

Albeit I had spotted several sticky buns; I actually decided on a Chocolate croissant & shot of espresso. My shot of espresso was strong, the perfect afternoon pick me up, and amply hot- not to mention it came in a cute little cup with a saucer. 

I suggest snagging a seat by the window in the smalller of the two rooms to dine in. 

It’s perfect for people watching or gawking at the adorable neighborhood pigeons. 

Just my sure you wear nice underwear if you’re wearing a short skirt or dress... I feel like the people walking by can see you pretty well too (they’re high top tables). Don’t accidentally pull a Paris Hilton like I did and then wonder why people keep giving you strange looks and shaking their heads in disgust; no one *really* wants to see your whisker biscuit on an (otherwise lovely) Sunday afternoon. 

Tip; The Asheville Wine Mart *just so happens* (wink, wink) to be across the steet - so you can stock up on a few bottles, drink too much, and cry yourself to sleep later in the day. May I suggest getting a cookie or full size cake from City Bakery to go? (So when you pass out from drinking too much Pinot Noir, you can do so with pastry in hand!)

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