Odd's Cafe

Odd's Cafe wasn’t as odd as I had expected. I was anticipating seeing penguins in tuxedos or maybe a barista dressed like Jerry Lee Lewis. There were no penguins in tuxedos, nor a barista dressed like Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Parking was a pain in the ass, and my dumb ass had forgot my parasol so had to walk like half a mile in the scorching hot sun. I would imagine it would be a nice little walk on a cooler day, however (or, if you’re not borderline albino, like me and actually enjoy sunshine). Odds Cafe has an open air concept, so (upside) you feel like you’re in the Caribbean (downside) you easily get swamp ass like when you’re in the Caribbean. 

I suggest wearing shorts, or maybe a nice little tankini ensemble. They do have a patio

- but again, I had forgot my parasol so had to opt out and decided to sit inside. Plus, I really wanted to sit and stare at this sweet dinosaur mural:

Normally, dinosaurs irritate the shit out of me - but I found this one to be quite endearing. 

I ordered an iced Mint colada latte- which was refreshing, and just the right amount of minty. 

It was kinda like a coffee fiends mint julep. They have a nice large selection of hot teas, which I would imagine would be great on a cooler day. 

Also, there is a large selection of vegan (yay!) - and GF foods (so you pansies that can’t stomach processed food won’t get the gluten  shits).

Tip; check out Odd’s Cafe early in the am (they open at 7), or late at night (they’re open till 9) when it’s cooler; bring your laptop - they have super chill music so it’s easy to stay focused and get work done. Also, since parking is tight - I suggest carpooling, riding a bike, or possible even prancercizing.

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