Penny Cup Coffee Co.

Penny Cup Coffee Co., is a small batch coffee roaster and coffee bar off Depot Street in the river arts district of Asheville. My asshole Waze app sent me on a wild fucking goose chase and I ended up at the police department. After I asked a detective for directions - he mistakenly identified me as a lady who was running a large scale prostitution ring out of her Zumba studio, and was on the most wanted list. Eventually I ended up at Penny Cup after being released two months later from county lockup when they finally arrested the real culprit. 

Just kidding- I used google maps instead and was there in like five minutes. 

Street parking is abundant out front and a lot more is to be found along the side street that runs parallel to Penny Cup. In addition to selling single cups of coffee and lattes, etc., they are actually roasting coffee there; so it smells like you’ve died and gone to heaven, and (if you get a good seat!) - you can watch the roasters at work; it’s pretty neat. 

They have an extensive list up on the wall of where in Asheville you can enjoy their brew; which is nice and informative. 

I suggest snapping a pic of the said list so you can refer back. 

They’ve got cute merch; some nice mugs for sale, and funky black tanks and tees (which are a great color for people like me that get major sweat stains). 

They also have adorable little handmade mugs for sale too, along the side wall. 

I sat at the bar and ordered a "cortado". 

It came in a sleek black cup and was delish, not too hot- but just hot enough, and super fresh. Plus, It seemed like the guy that made it really took his time and put care into it, which made me feel special (even though I’m sure they do this for every customer).

Penny Cup has got cold brew growlers for sale; and the refills aren’t too costly at all for organic fair trade coffee. They’ve also got light snacks such as muffins, bagels, and bread cake so you don’t get hangry. 

Next time I’m going to try the “Super Rad” latte which has cinnamon, sugar, and cayenne in it. 

Tip; take a stroll around the block (for some odd reason it smells even better outside- like fresh roasting coffee beans.) Bonus; hours after I left my car still smelled like fresh roasting coffee (normally it smells like Apple cider vinegar- don’t ask).

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