Proving Grounds Coffee Bar

Proving grounds coffee bar is a small little traveling coffee shop that doesn’t travel, in a neat little village off Amboy rd. in Asheville. I hadn’t seen them on social media but was just driving by and thought it looked adorable, so I *had* to stop. 

My iced mocha latte was bomb- you can choose from white or dark (oh lala) chocolate. 

They use milk from Mills River Creamery (#shoplocal) and their FB boasts that their coffee is organic. They’ve got a yummy selection of organic munchies too, like fruit snacks and chips. The lady working there (possibly the owner?) informed me that they were new and was super nice and sweet. I asked her if she minded if I walked around and she told me to check out the (ample) seating out back while I enjoyed my coffee and informed me of the chickens (wait what... chickens?!!) 

The restaurant next door is also a new spot too (apparently they have another local in Asheville), but this one is open for lunch and late night and will soon be serving brunch too, and features slow cooked southern food. Cascade lounge is also next door, and looks super neat according to their pictures online. (I didn’t go inside myself because whenever I start drinking, I usually end up crying in the bathroom or being woke up by the police because I’m sleeping under a picnic table.) 

They have a large out door space complete with fairy light type things; which I would imagine is cool for late night cocktails or coffee. 

If you’re a friendless loner like me you can always just go in the afternoon and talk to the chickens and take pictures, alone. 

I suggest going in the afternoon when it’s quiet, getting a coffee and wandering around. On your way out, stop by this adorable little market behind the Proving Grounds sign for some local meat! 

Just don’t over do it and then send me an email complaining that you got the 'meat sweats', no one cares if you can’t handle your meat. This cute little complex feels like a mini Wild West of the south, kind of like a grown up Disney, but without all those creepy life sized plush characters walking around trying to inappropriately hug you. 

Tip: if you can’t find a spot out front, don’t fret- there’s way more parking out back. Also, bring your tankini, they have tubing right down the street where you can float.

*Note; since this blog was published Proving Grounds is back to traveling - I suggest checking out their Facebook page to see where they’re currently at. 

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