Ivory Road Cafe & Kitchen

I ventured over to Ivory Road Cafe & Kitchen because on their Instagram they have pictures of lots of yummy looking pastries. Not to mention, my dog and I had a little son of Sam moment where he kept telling me he wanted me to take him out to lunch (and I knew they had a dog friendly patio from their IG). At first I was a little hesitant to take my pup, because he is a total attention whore- and it’s totally embarrassing; but - I decided to go and bring him anyway... even though I knew people would try to pet him and I’d have to mutter “he bite” under my breath (he does not, in fact- bite- it’s a diversion tactic so I don’t have to interact with people). 

Ivory Road Cafe was set back from the main road- not too far where you have to drive into the boonies, but far enough I wasn’t worried my dog would get loose and bolt into the road and I’d have to chase after him flailing my arms and acting like the sociopath that I am.

Ivory Road actually isn’t too far from the outlets, so you can totally make a day of it (the outlets are dog friendly too, and even have a pet watering hole behind West Elm). It’s technically “Arden” so (if you’re being technical, South Asheville) ... off Brevard Road in between Hendo & Asheville, a stones throw from Mills River, kind of. (Just use your fucking GPS.) 

The guy working there was super nice and gave me some extra doggie poop bags that he had in his car. My dumb ass had forgot to bring any (story of my life), my dog had taken a massive dump in the parking lot, and I wanted to clean it up. It was a bonus that they not only advertise on their IG that their dog friendly, but they really truly are. Not only did the friendly face behind the counter hook me up with a few pooh bags, he made sure the water bowl outside was filled the the brim with fresh cold water for my puppers. And, once the said puppers spilled all of the water in the bowl, he was nice enough to fill it up again (yes- my dog and I are both just as equally and awkwardly clumsy, it’s quite bizarre and makes for a complete shit show). 

The inside of Ivory Road is charming, just as adorable as the outside. It even smelled like fresh baking brownies, nom nom nom. It totally reminded me of a trendy version of my grandmother's house but way less creepy sans all of the clown dolls. 

I ordered a Franklin (which is a grown up grilled cheese), after I munched on some samples of a Mexican chocolate cake (it was to die for).

My server was super attentive and even asked me if I wanted any hot sauce. The sammich itself didn’t need any hot sauce it was so flavorful. This panini had the perfect amount of cheese, avacado, and bacon. And, the cheese had just the right amount of spice and melt to it. 

My side (Caesar) salad was just the right size, and had large slices of parmesan cheese, with a mild dressing so when you go with your grandma she won’t complain that it “tastes like fish!” and go on a ten minute tangent about how salads shouldn’t taste like fish. 

My lemonade was fresh squeezed and perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Not too sugary, and just the right amount of sweet. 

On that note- ivory rd Cafe is the perfect place for all ages. It’s a great place to bring your Mom for afternoon tea and cake, your friends for a doggie birthday bash, or a Friday night date before they ghost you because they quickly realize your mentally unstable. 

Bonus; there were lots of pretty flowers, which made me feel like I was in some secret garden. Not like the Hobbit secret garden, but more like the Biltmore. Unless the Hobbit doesn't give you nightmares, then totally the Hobbit. 

Tip: if you can’t finish your panini, ask for a to go box, it tastes just as delish as a cold leftover when your having your nightly 2am fit of hunger.

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