Ultra Coffee Bar

Ultra Coffee Bar is a fun little coffee shop and cafe off Clingman Ave. right in the heart of the river arts district. 

Parking isn’t too bad at all - in fact; they have their own lot plus plenty of street parking. For a second I thought they had a valet (and got super excited) but it turned out to be just some old man sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone. (I’m glad I didn’t ask him to park my car!) 

They have a large selection of breakfast sammiches (nomz) plus Like a million types of San Pelligrino (including lemonade) and a large coffee drink menu too. There's also a cute little sign that says "Please Entr Here" (I think it's French). 

I ordered a “Viva La Vegan” bagel sandwich, which was more than nosh-able. The facon had a slight bbq taste, and the eggs tasted like real eggs. The bagel itself was the perfect temperature and had just the right chew to crunch ratio. The vegan cream cheese was super melted and didn’t taste vegan at all, it was delish- to say the least. 

I suggest using a fork, and getting extra napkins (while it is super yum, it’s also super messy). 

I decided to sit outside so I could see and hear the train going by (maybe that’s what the valet was doing too?). 

I was feeling very tropical in the warm summer air and enjoying the view; until I went to go take a picture of myself and realized I was breaking out in heat hives- so decided to go sit inside where it was air conditioned. Bonus- my heat rash didn’t scare anyone (noticeably), and whilst indoors, and I got to check out these sweet (handmade) mugs that are for sale while I finished eating my bagel sammich. 

I would definitely check out the patio again on a cooler day, however. Ultra bagel is definitely on my “to go back” list; I plan on trying the “Soysage” bagel sandwich and the “Rick James”. 


Tip; give yourself some extra time to stroll down the street and peruse some of the art galleries; it makes for a fun afternoon.

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