10th Muse Coffee

I went to 10th Muse Coffee after I’d seen them on IG & I wanted to check out their  recycled/compostable cups made of cornstarch and fancy avocado toast for myself.

They’re not too far outside of Biltmore Village off London St. 

The feeling of 10th muse is very West Asheville, modern and trendy chic - but with a Biltmore Village address. It’s dog friendly, and has an open air concept. Although I went on a warm summer morning- it was nice and breezy inside with the fans going. 

The owner happened to be there the day that I went and was super welcoming, explained their extensive menu, gave me a rewards card - and made me feel right at home. 

They’ve got a huge selection of Avacado toasts, bagels, muffins and such- as well as a equally wide latte menu with fun selections such as “The Edgar Allan Poe”, “Butterbeer”, and a zillion others including Star Wars themed ones! 

I ordered the El Mariachi latte and the Spartan Avocado Toast. The owner brought my latte over to me after I began par-using and wandered off into the awesome shop they share their space with. 

The “El Mariachi” that I got was made with Horchata, and reminded me of days long past spent in San Diego; it was sweet with a slight horchata taste. 

My Avo toast came in a cute little box- which was the perfect togo size box to transport it back to work without the toast falling out and all over my car when I drive like a mad lady because I’m always late. 

The AT was actually two slices -much larger than I anticipated it would be. It was super yum and fresh with a more than ample amount of Avacado, hummus, and caprese like tomatoes topped with a perfect amount of salt and pepper. The hummus itself had an ah-mazing taste.  

Since the toast was two slices, and had a more than an ample amount of avocado and hummus - it was both breakfast and lunch that day for me.

They make the Avacado Toast fresh- so leave a few extra minutes for them to prepare your order if you’re on the way to the office, carnival, tennis, strip club, or wherever the hell you’re off to. 

On that note; make sure you get extra napkins and maybe a knife and fork, you will most definitely get tons of Avacado and hummus all over yourself, on your shirt, face, and possibly even in your handbag (don’t ask). 

10th muse coffee is great place to hang out solo, bring some friends/the puppers, or get a healthy nomz to go meal. 

If you’re looking for Avacado toast in Asheville, this is the place to go!

All are welcome (yes- even your bestie that thinks their dog is a reincarnated Nordic princess). 

Tip; make sure you label your smashed avo sandwich box with your name using a sharpie in bold lettering once you get to work, so Sharon in accounts receivable doesn’t eat your second slice in spite of the fact that you ate her “last” vanilla almond cookie Tuesday. (Sorry Sharon, not my fucking problem you left an open box of cookies in a community fridge and put them right next to my smoothie.) 

I’m watching you, Sharon.

*10th Muse is now located off of Patton Ave.! 

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