King Daddy's Chicken & Waffles

*UPDATE: King daddy's has since re-opened as another "Early Girl Eatery" Make sure you check out my review of the original Early Girl local. *UPDATE 2: I think they’re back open as King Daddy’s. *UPDATE 3: I’m confused in general, can someone please help me? 

King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles is In West Asheville on Haywood Rd. right off the freeway. I had drove by them like a million times, and been following them on IG for a while so wanted to stop by for a late solo brunch. 

Parking is free for one hour in the street spots out front, and they have a separate lot on the side too, which makes it easy to find a place to park. 

They’re right next door to “Whist” greeting and gifts, so after brunching or lunching- you can get some cute cards to send your arch enemies to keep them on their toes. I like to get Birthday cards for mine that say cute little things like “Happy Birthday! I know where you live.” 

Whist is open Monday-Saturday. 

King Daddy's has both indoor and outdoor seating- I sat inside since I melt in even the mildest heat. But, I feel like their patio would be super chill for evening cocktails since they’re open till 10pm every day of the week. 

They do have a full bar, with a large selection of fancy/yummy looking drinks.

The inside of King Daddy’s seems kinda like an old school cafe made modern. Each table has fresh flowers, which is a nice touch - and they’ve got soulful jazz music playing, which was calming and welcoming. 

The staff didn’t seem to care that I was solo dining and took up a four top all to myself, which was nice. 

My server was really friendly. I had gone to King Daddy’s with the intention of getting a waffle but wasn’t sure if a vegan one would be good or not. When I told her of my conundrum she said that she really liked the “cornmeal waffle” (which is gluten free and vegan) so I ordered one of those with bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream -and a cup of hot coffee to drink. My waffle came out quick, and not only looked nomz af- it smelled delish too. The cornmeal waffle was crunchy on the outside with a rich and moist center that tasted rather buttery for being vegan. Yum! 

The strawberries, bananas and whipped cream were all super fresh. Bonus, not only was my server kind and super sweet - she was also very attentive and kept my coffee hot and fresh without me even asking. 

King Daddy’s is a great place for not only breakfast/dinner/lunch (they're open daily) but brunch as well- since I went around 3 in the afternoon and it was still bustling.

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