Short Street Cakes

Short Street Cakes is a family-owned cupcakery off of Haywood Road in East/West Asheville. 

Their website boasts 100% natural baked goods, so I was pretty much already sold before going there. And, I’d been following them on their IG for a while where they post their daily flavors, including vegan options - so, I knew I was slowing falling in love with their cupcakes, but wanted to check out Short Street Cakes for myself to make sure their goodies didn’t taste like mulch. 

I wasn’t sure if there was parking out front, so I parked over on Howard in front of someone’s house. Turns out there’s a lot directly across the street. My bad. 

The inside is adorable; they’ve got seating so you can hang out and enjoy your cupcake(s). 

They had a wide variety of cupcakes for sale the day I went, with everything from PB&J to plain chocolate flavors. 

I decided to get a “mini” salted caramel cupcake. It was super yummy; delightfully sweet, and was *just* the right amount of chewy and soft, definitely not any hints of mulch- it was delish (to say the least)! 

Make sure you check out their large display of cake stands while you're there.

When I was at Short Street Cakes the baker was slicing fresh peaches. I asked him if he was slicing them for cupcakes and he told me he was going to make peach pie out of them. Nomz. Turns out not only do they make cupcakes and cake, they make fresh pies as well, in large and small sizes. I suspect short street cakes does a lot of catering; rightfully so. 

Tip; they stop serving coffee at 2, so make sure you get there before then. Or, get a cupcake (or two ;) to go and make some coffee at home. Don’t invite your friends, but post lots of pictures of half eaten cupcakes on Instagram and tag them.

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