Milk & Honey Organic Cafe

Milk & Honey is a fancy-like organic and locally sourced ingredient cafe not too far off Long Shoals Rd. in South Asheville.

The inside of Milk & Honey is adorable, with unique wooden tables, enchanting paintings, and local art for sale like little wooden cat sculptures and such. 


It has an upscale - yet (not) pretentious atmosphere. 

Also, there are goat paintings, 

goat pictures, 

goat hand soap, 

and more goat paintings. 

Overall- there’s lots of goat stuff; it’s delightful. 

If you’re dining alone; I suggest enjoying the goat ambiance while checking out @goatsofanarchy on IG - enjoy a goat themed solo date night. 

The feeling of Milk and Honey is definitely “high class sustainability”. In addition to their yum looking dinner menu with fresh fish, local bison burgers, salads, veggie burgers, and a nice selection of organic wine, they’ve added cute little touches to the inside like this “bottle return tub”. 

Make sure you check out their breakfast & lunch too, which has a large assemblage of smoothies, bowls, elixirs, sandwiches and salads! 

Unfortunately, I had dinner before I went to Milk and Honey, which is was totally regretting once I got there and realized how much more nomz the menu was in person. 

Luckily, their dessert menu was just as delish. 

I had a glass of the “Domaine de Fenouilet” or as I like to say “The one from France”, which is an organic Syrah. It made me feel super fancy; insta classy lady status. 

To munch on, I had a Peach Almond Tarte - the tarte came adorned with fresh raspberries; it had just the right amount of sweet to it, and a nomz crust that had the perfect flake to moist ratio, with a hint of almond flavor. 

The Syrah and tarte paired nicely, it was a splendid evening for a solo dessert night. However, if my dessert was any indication of the quality of their breakfast, lunch, or dinner fare - I highly suggest saving some room for an entree too. 

Tip; make sure you check out their cool copper bar while you’re there!

PS; they do have an outdoor patio area; which is *assume* is dog, (and possibly goat) friendly. 

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