Biltmore Coffee Roasters

Biltmore Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop, micro roaster, and bakery off Hendersonville Road in Asheville- kind of near the Biltmore, kind of.

Not only do they have indoor and outdoor seating they have a drive through too (always a plus if you’re super sleepy and still wearing your sweatpants and have disheveled hair. Or, if you’re on a time crunch and *already* twenty minutes late to work). 

If you do decide to stay and hang out, there is plenty of parking out front. I suspect there may be another place to park too; because lots of customers just started appearing and there were no cars in the lot. I was suspicious, but didn’t want to start questioning people and demanding answers. 

I ordered a Cortado - it came in the cutest little mug, and was the perfect afternoon pick me up. 

I also had a piece of vegan/gluten free  ‘Walnut Carob Chip Banana Bread’ that didn’t taste gluten free at all. The nice lady working there put it in the oven for me, to warm it up. The banana bread was super savory heated up; moist with a slight crunch to it - it tasted like fresh bananas with a hint of walnut flavor, and had just the right amount of sweet with a light dusting of large granular sugar on top. It tasted like something my Grandma would have made (which is a total compliment to Biltmore Coffee). I ate it so quickly I think I inhaled it. 

Biltmore Coffee Roasters also has protein balls, bagels, muffins and a wide variety of other pastries to munch on. 

They have a large coffee menu, tea, and smoothies available as well. Fresh coffee is for sale in bins; and they’ll grind it there for you if you need to. 

Tip; Patton Ave Pet Co. Is right down the road; so take the doggo with you- enjoy the outdoor patio with fido at Biltmore Coffee after you get the puppers a bone.

Also, if you do get a to go coffee on the way to work, make sure you get one for your boss too so you don’t get fired *again* for being forty five minutes late, three days in a row.

*Biltmore Coffee Roasters is now called Round Earth Roasters*

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