Yum Sushi Burrito & Poke

Yum Poke is a delicious Hawaiian style sushi restaurant- with yum fresh sushi burritos and poke bowls. 

Poke bowls are pretty much sushi in a bowl over rice, with tasty veggies added. They’ve got a wide variety of sushi options, as well as vegan options made with tofu, too. I’d seen a lot of reviews about them online, and wanted to check them out since they’re brand new. 

What’s a sushi burrito, you might ask?! 

My answer to that is: go to Yum Poke yourself and figure it out. 

But, if you *must* know; it’s pretty much a sushi roll rolled into the shape of one giant burrito. I mean not like freakishly large burrito, just like a normal size burrito. An average burrito size. A large size burrito for sushi but average for burritos. 

Just go and see for yourself; they're open daily 11am-9pm.

They’re off long shoals rd in Julian Shoals Village- in the plaza next door to Benjamin Moore. 

Craft Centric is next door. For a second, I got really excited - because I thought it was a craft store where I could get supplies to make a paper mache voodoo doll of my ex boyfriend. Turns out it’s a craft beer store and taproom, which I suppose is just as equally exciting. 

The inside of Yum Poke is fresh & clean and had fun/upbeat music playing, a great ambiance for a quick lunch or dinner after work. 

You can either order order a signature sushi burrito or bowl, or make your own. Or, get a salad or a few of some of their side dishes. 

If the thought of making a decision on the spot gives you a horrible rash, I suggest just ordering off the signature menu, which has some sushi burrito ideas already there for you. 

I ordered a classic burrito (sans mango - last time I ate mango I went into anaphylactic shock). It came filled with salmon, miso beans, shredded lettuce, seaweed, rice, corn, and eel sauce wrapped in rice paper. It’s super fresh and nomz, and comes packaged in a cute little faux historical newspaper with fun captions. 

Next time I’m going to try their tofu burrito, and order a few sides to go to take to work the next day; like the spring rolls and seaweed salad. 

Tip; when you order your burrito or bowl, make sure you ask for extra sauce.


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