Garlik Vegan

Garlik Vegan is a vegan restaurant in Horse Shoe, NC off hwy 64 (in between the towns of Hendersonville and Mills River) that is 100% vegan (oh lala!). 

They have a huge menu with a zillion (equally appetizing) vegan choices. I had been following them on IG for a while; which features lots of pictures of yummy looking soups and vegan pizza. Plus; I heard through the grapevine they had nomz desserts. 

I sat at the bar because I prefer to eat alone like Peggy in 'Girl Interrupted'. 

To start; I ordered an Infused water (lemon ginger). They also have hot tea, coffee, booze (wine and beer), kombucha on tap, and smoothies including a (gasp!) avacado one. My lemon ginger water was *way* refreshing and didn’t have an overbearing ginger or lemon taste at all, it tasted like fancy, jazzy spa water with a slight kick to it. 

I ordered a soup of the day; which was “Creamy Wild Mushroom.” The bowl was huge and the soup itself was super scrumptious - just hot enough but not too hot where I burned my mouth and started crying. The soup was not only yum- it was packed with mushrooms, carrots, celery, and quinoa. 

For my entree I had the vegan “B.L.T” which came with a side to choose from- I decided on the “Mac and Cheese” after the uber friendly owner told me it pairs well, and that sometimes she likes to actually scoop her Mac and Cheese onto her BLT and eat it that way. Nom nom nom. 

The Mac and Cheese was bomb- total vegan comfort food. The BLT was delish; the french bread was crunchy af, the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh, and it even came with a slice of avocado on it! The facon didn’t taste like facon at all, and looked like real pork with little strips of fat- my mind was blown. 

On my next trip to Garlik Vegan I plan on trying the “Alfredo Chik’N” pizza and saving some room for dessert (or thinking ahead and taking some home)! Garlik vegan is truly a hidden gem in Horse Shoe. 

Tip; re heat your leftover Mac & Cheese in a frying pan with a little bit of almond milk, and it’s an ah-maxing fried mac & cheese (a little insider secret ;) 

Tip two; since you can get Garlik Vegan to go; I suggest stocking up for a long weekend, and having a “solo vegan staycation”. Stream 'Girl Interrupted' on Amazon Prime and pig out. 

*Note; Garlik Vegan has since closed since this blog was published.

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