Bean Vegan

Update 6.1.24 Bean Vegan is closed. May I suggest Rosetta's Kitchen as an alternative?

Bean vegan is a vegan restaurant in a small shopping plaza off Hendersonville Rd. in South Asheville. 

It’s next to ‘Meinike’ - look for their big yellow sign and accidentally turn around in their parking lot; then look for the *smaller* ‘Bean Vegan’ sign and park over there. 

I wasn’t sure if it was seat yourself or not; one of the nice girls working there must have seen me staring blankly at the greeter pig because she (kindly) told me to sit wherever I wanted. 

They have both indoor and outdoor seating. 

I wanted to sit out on the patio next to the couple with the dog; but all the shady spots were taken *sigh*. 

I was hoping Bean Vegan didn’t have hordes and hordes of bean dishes; or at least if they did have a plethora of bean dishes; they had some options for my fatty pants too. They didn’t have an over abundance of bean dishes (as the name would suggest) but rather many traditional dishes, but made vegan- such as meatloaf, reubens, burgers, and a zillion other things. They even have fried pickles. Nomz. If I wasn’t alone I definitely would have ordered an app and made my friends pay for it. 

I decided to go with the ‘Jalapeño Cheddar Burger’ with a side of fries. 

My french fries were yum; super hot with just the right amount of crunch- and the vegan ranch was the perfect dipping sauce to accompany them. The burger itself came covered in a ton of fried jalapeños, was super fresh - and had just the right amount of spice too it with a large side of greens and fresh tomato to add on top. 

Tip; if you can’t finish your burger- get it to go... it’s just as yummy as a cold leftover.

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