Sunshine Sammies

I was hesitant about going to Sunshine Sammie’s because i’d been feeling very “meaty” ever since my yoga instructor asked if I was pregnant (I am - in fact, not pregnant). But; decided to go anyway because I’d been scoping out their vegan ice cream sammiches on IG for quite some time. They’re right off Lexington Ave. in downtown Asheville, right next to Bhramari Brewing. 

Parking is kind of a pain in the ass right out front, but there’s plenty of parking along the side streets and a public lot around the block. 

Sunshine Sammies has a large selection of ice cream sandwiches (aka; sammies ), cookies, and ice cream by the scoop! 

The cool thing is (besides having a bazillion flavors), they use local dairy and produce to make their goodies. 

Each ice cream sandwich is made by hand. I mean, they don’t like churn the ice cream individually for each sandwich while your waiting (that would be awkward and time consuming) - they take two cookies and make a sandwich with the ice cream in the center (it’s like a grown up Klondike bar). 

You can also can get a single scoop of ice cream in a cup- the lady in front of me got Strawberry with hot fudge (I mean not that I was listening in or anything. Ok- I was total eavesdropping). 

I had a ‘Vegan Strawberry Patch’ sammie; which is vegan ice cream in between two vegan sugar cookies. 

The sugar cookies were super chewy and the ice cream tasted like a coco nutty strawberry (understandably, since it’s made with coconut milk). 

Take your time eating your Sammie - and ask for it in a bowl and spoon; the ice cream eventually melts into the cookie and it’s even more nomz.

Although they have outdoor seating; it’s not very shaded- so I suggest leaving the puppers at home.

Tip; park over on the corner of Church and Sawyer in the church’s lot (bring cash to pay- singles and such) - go for a nice little stroll along Church street and check out all the cool old Victorian houses and the episcopal church while you eat your ice cream!

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