Simple Cafe & Juice Bar

Simple Cafe & Juice Bar is a juice bar and cafe off Haywood Road in West Asheville - not too far (.3 miles) from the Fwy. 

I’d seen them on IG after another food blogger had made mention of them and their fresh smoothies. There’s street parking out front and *possibly* parking across the street at the old gas station with the mural. The cafe is housed in an adorbs baby blue building with enchanting hanging flower baskets and potted plants. 

They have a menu out front, or you can check them out online and decide what you want to eat before you go. Either one is probably better than standing at the counter and blinking for six minutes straight going “ummmm” while a line starts to accumulate behind you. 

There’s two doors, which is slightly confusing if you’re a goobersmooch like I am. I went in the one that said “welcome” after a detailed analysis of the multiple door situation, but suppose you could go in either - truth be told. 

The inside is equally adorable as the outside, with so many seating options including cute two person tables, larger tables and a bar by the window that’s perfect for solo dining and watching the people with doggos walk by. 

There are cute little cactai everywhere, a plethora of potted plants, and cute paintings. The inside is really fresh and clean, simple - but not *too* simple. 

Order at the counter, and sit wherever you like. They’ll give you a fun little place card with a number on one side, and picture of a fruit or veggie on the other (I got a lucky number seven/strawberry combo). 

The nice lady working there (possibly the owner?) was super friendly and polite enough to ask if I was vegan before I ordered. I settled on a wheat-grass shot and a vegan Banh mi, there were so many yummy/fresh looking vegan and non-vegan options made with organic and local veggies, it was hard to make up my mind. You get a side with your sandwich (I chose a salad - even though the slaw sounded super scrumptious.) 

My wheat-grass shot was fresh and tasted just like grassy goodness, and had a slight spice to it. Nomz. 

The vegan Banh mi itself was packed with fresh veggies, topped with cilantro and peppers, and was super spicy (in a good way). The french bread it came on was crunchy af, and tasted gourmet. My spinach side salad was super fresh, and the dressing tasted very healthy, yet still tasty. 

Beware; the Banh mi is extremely messy, I suggest getting a few extra napkins and checking your face for crumbs after you eat. The to go boxes are under the little red water cart by the counter (if you need one), and are compostable and tree free, which I thought was super cool. 

As I was leaving the entire staff said “thank you!” “have a nice day” all in unison and then the birds began chirping when I walked outside- it was delightful and I felt like I was in the sound of music. If Julie Andrews had jumped out from behind a bush and began singing “Do Re Mi” it would have made my day. I would have been slightly perturbed and perplexed - but it still would have made my day. 

There’s no outside seating, so leave the puppers at home. Unless, of course, you dress him like Humphrey Bogart and insist he’s human. Ok ok - don’t do that either (it never works and usually the police get involved). 

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