High Five Coffee - Rankin

I decided to go to High Five Coffee because I’d been eyeing their cold brew drinks on their IG for a while. 

Also, I had just finished my “Harlots” marathon on Hulu and was feeling super lost and lonely. All of could think about was “where will Charlotte Wells go now? What will she do? Will she ever love again? I wonder what her favorite type of breakfast sandwich is?” I figured High Five Coffee would be the perfect place to get my mind off all this, since they’ve got two bustling locations downtown - one off Broadway, and one off Rankin. 

I decided to try out the one off Rankin. 

Parking is a snap- there is a large garage to park in (the entrance is right off Rankin near High Five) and the first hour is free! 

The inside of High Five Coffee seems like a total city coffee shop with it’s exposed brick walls, and energetic atmosphere. 

They have a ton of cute cacti (don’t touch), and lots of seating; tables and a bar by the window where you can people/puppers watch! 

They’ve got lots of goodies for sale to snack on; including sweets and hard boiled eggs (sold individually), raw chocolate bites - and nomz looking breakfast sandwiches that are probably pretty delish heated up. In the cooler there's yogurt too. 

Plus, on their menu they’ve got a variety of bagel options, granola, and a chicken salad wrap that sound pretty noshable. 

They also had some pastries for sale from OWL Bakery in West Asheville. 

I had Oat Bar made with various ingredients- I’m not really sure what it was actually- it looked nomz so I just said “oat thing please”, when I ordered. The oat bar was chewy, tasted healthy - yet indulgent, and had an oaty/fruity/coco-nutty taste. 

To drink they’ve got a large selection of classic and modern coffee and tea drinks, plus beer and kombucha on tap, and bottled sodas. 

I ordered got an iced chai with almond milk (they have oat and skim/regular too). After I ordered that I saw this “baristas choice” elderflower thing- but didn’t want to be *that* asshole that was like “wait wait, just wait a minute!” and change my order. 

Anyway, the Chai was yum, and very refreshing; not too sweet - with a dusting of cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

Tip; leave the doggo at home or at doggie daycare- they don’t have a patio at the Rankin location. Unless, of course - you have a service dog!

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