Appalachian Coffee Company Laurel Park

Appalachian Coffee Company is an upscale, yet laid back, coffee shop/bar in Hendersonville off 5th ave in the borough of Laurel Park. 

Not to be confused with their drive thru/walk up location off Asheville Hwy. or their sister shop in Brevard. 

I really liked their old Brevard local and was a big fan of their old post over on Church St, their baristas were always very friendly to me (even when I ordered the most bizarre and ridiculous drinks or stared blankly at the menu for approximately 5.2 minutes before ordering), so I decided to check out their (relatively new) Laurel Park spot. 

My asshole GPS tried to tell me it was on my right, as I was coming from downtown Hendersonville but I outsmarted her when I saw their large sign and realized it was actually on my left - before driving past it. 

Hah! Take that Waze. 

Parking is abundant, they have a large parking lot. They’re’s no parking lot lines; so you have the luxury of making your own space. If this gives you anxiety, you can always bring your own cones. 

The inside of Appalachian Coffee is adorable- a perfect combination WNC mountains meets modern - complete with Edison lights, rustic feeling furniture and local art that’s the cats bananas. 

The music was nice- seems “so Hendersonville” they’ve got great acoustics, so it’s easy on the ears; make sure you’ve got your Shazam app ready. 

They’ve got small and large tables, and a cozy seating area to relax if you like to socialize with strangers, or actually have friends (that agree to be seen with you in public). 

The *fabulous* patio is (presumably) pet friendly since I saw a water bowl. 

If you do bring the doggo I suggest going early in the day or early evening when it’s a little cooler. 

Appalachian Coffee Co. Hendo has got Super friendly baristas, the guy that took my order gave me a “frequent customer” punch card. If you go enough you can score some free stuff. 

I ordered a “Land of the Clouds” to drink, as well as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup piece of cheesecake. Both the drink and cheesecake came in really cute/swanky dish-wear. 

The “Land of the Clouds” was a nomz indulgent espresso drink, with a bold taste. It wasn't too sweet at all for being so indulgent, but rather the perfect amount of rich. You’ll most definitely get loads of whipped cream and chocolate all over your face, so make sure you get extra napkins. 

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake comes from CA’s cheesecake in downtown Hendo #shoplocal. It was delish af, not too sweet and *super* creamy, adorned with fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. 

Not only does Appalachian Coffee Co have yum desserts and sweets, they’ve got morning fare, mid-day meals and a variety of salads. 

There’s also a cute little shop area with merch and a wide variety of wine and beer for sale. 

They also have wine and beer available by the glass to enjoy while your there. Adorbs t-shirt’s, pint glasses, and prints are for sale - that make for great gifts. 

The adorbs stickers that are available for sale (by the register) are also great for gifts and stick well so they’re perfect for water bottles, laptops, lamps, mirrors, pocket mirrors, tractors, fans, your sisters ex boyfriends new jaguar, and the like. 

While I was there Richard ordered Avacado toast that sounded super delish. (Don’t worry Richard- if you’re reading this, I wasn’t following you, I knew what you ordered when the Barista announced “Richard Avacado Toast”).

Call me, Richard. 

Tip; the front entrance is handicapped accessible!

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